Thanks for checking the site out. My name’s Darren. I’m an employed father of two girls, and the partner of a very patient girlfriend (that doesn’t mind me glued to the laptop, betting most days).

My analytical mind can be tracked through my father to my grandfather, whom I remember fondly, cheering his selections on, viewing an old black and white television. To be fair, I’ve probably had a lot more exposure to professional betting than either of them, but I’ve a long way to go still. In fact, the Internet has revolutionized betting out of all recognition from those heady days.

My own Interest in betting started in my mid twenties. Back then, smoking was still legal in betting shops, and you could hardly see the counter for smoke. Back then, I operated a paper based loss recovery system. Not very advanced I know, but my career was just getting started.

Not too long later, Betfair (or Flutter as It was then) burst onto the scene. By this time, I was following an Internet based tipster using a Dutching system. This is where I really started to learn about real income form betting, and what was really possible.

I have attempted many types of betting, some successful, some not so. But like anything, developing ways to beat the bookmaker can be a hair wrenching experience.

My job is fairly menial, which allows me to think of, and develop new betting angles. And when I’m not too busy with life itself, I put these ideas into action on and offline.

I shall divulge most of my (limited) knowledge and experiences through the website, and my other site which you can find HERE. Please feel free to contact me or leave me a comment.