Bet On Every Horse And Profit

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We’ve all wondered at some point, if we could bet on every horse and profit. Up until fairly recently, this just hasn’t been possible. Fortunately, technology has moved on, and the bookmakers can now be squeezed with their own rules.

We Bet On Every Horse

The method I’m going to discuss will give you a long term edge, provided that you use the method consistently. And yes, It ensures you back every runner in a race, so you’ll always find the winner, but you won’t make a profit on every race.

What we need for this method are:

  • A number of funded best odds guaranteed bookmaker accounts
  • A good Dutching Calculator
  • An internet connection
  • An odds checking service such as Oddschecker


The reason we can’t back every runner, and make a profit, is due to the bookmakers profit. This is called an over round, and ensures that the chances of every runner in a race add up to more than 100%. Usually 105-115%. This is the bookmakers edge, and how they make their bread and butter.

What we need to do is get that over round below 100%, or an under round. Anything under 100% gives us the edge, and how we do this is most ingenious.

Firstly we choose any race that has ten runners or less, Ideally an open race. The reason for this is only due to the fact, that most Dutching Calculators allow ten runners. We don’t care whether the race is handicap, non handicap and it doesn’t matter what the going is like.

When you’re backing every runner, those factors simply don’t matter.

Next we look at Oddschecker or your chosen odds comparison site. We need the best prices for each runner, ensuring that we use the best odds guaranteed bookmakers.

We input these odds into the calculator and we’re hoping to reduce the over round. At this point It’ll still be over 100% but far closer than just using one bookmaker. We should get this down to 102% or less. So how do we make money if the edge is in the bookies favor?

The Clever Bit

As it stands, we cannot make a profit. Unless….The winning horse drifts in price. This means that the SP or starting price is larger than the odds that you bet at. Provided that the drift in price provides a greater return than the over round, then the edge is in our favor. The larger the drift, the larger the profit for us. The best odds guarantee will pay us at the higher starting price.

If the winning horse doesn’t drift in price, we still have every horse covered, but we don’t retain any value. We’ll be paying the over round, which will be up to 2% of your total stake, or £2 on every £100 staked.

I wish I’d thought of this idea, but I can’t claim credit for it. I’m adding it, so you have another tool at your disposal, to cane the bookies. It’s really clever and so low risk, that the odds are in your favor over the long term.

The Edge Is In Your Favor

If you consider the general statistics of favorites winning between 30-33% of races, then two thirds of races are won by the rest of the field. If money comes for a favorite, it means the other runners will drift in price, generally.

Approximately, you’ll win twice as many times, as you lose. Of course you’ll have runs of losers and winners, but we’re only risking a few pounds per race. We can also use our whole bank on each race as we’ll always have backed the winner.

You can back every qualifying race and put the odds in your favor for once.

Things To Be Aware Of

As you’ll know, odds change very quickly. I’d be using this method well before the off, as the price movements are less volatile. Don’t hang around, get all the bets on as quickly as possible, and double check you’ve backed every runner. Otherwise it could be expensive.

As you’re squeezing out value on every bet, the bookmakers won’t like it, and will keep an eye on your accounts. This method could get your accounts restricted, but why have accounts if you can’t profit from them. I’d rather take the profit now and then change strategy when the betting bank is larger.

You may wish to multi account to continue this method. That’s a moral dilemma, that isn’t for me to comment on in this post though.

If you do get some accounts restricted, the you could try the shops. It works best in pairs, again, well before the off. One person inputs the prices into the calculator as the other places the bets in the shops. Yes it can be a pain, but you can travel around to make this work (obviously don’t take a laptop into a bookmaker).

I know it works, as I’ve done it myself, and you can bet a lot larger in the shops. The potential profits are huge. I’d certainly recommend that you give it a go. Either way, please comment and let me know how you get on. I’d expect some great bookmaker offers when the racing starts again.

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