Betting During A Coronavirus Pandemic

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At the time of writing this, many of us are in isolation. Betting during a Coronavirus pandemic is becoming challenging to say the least. Horse racing has been suspended for the last 3 weeks, and today the Virtual Grand National was run on television. Here’s the results:

  1. Potters Corner 18/1
  2. Walk In The Mill 16/1
  3. Any Second Now 10/1
  4. Tiger Roll 5/1
  5. Burrows Saint 12/1

I hope you managed a winner, if not the NHS still benefit, so a great result none the less.

What To Bet On

There’s limited football on at the moment, although Belarus seems to be playing a few games. horse racing is off generally. A few races seem to be running in Sweden, but there’s no liquidity, so a no go.

Australia are still running greyhound races. If that’s of interest, the races run usually with 8 traps, as opposed to just 6 in the Uk.

Apart from that, we’re stuck with Casino betting. Again, this isn’t for everyone, and normally, there’s very little long term value. Although I do like the fact that Profit Accumulator have a really clever way of exploiting Casino Offers.

Unless you have a solid plan, I’d avoid the Casino’s. They’re there to make money and the edge is never in your favour, unless you take advantage of a bonus, or are just plain lucky.

Profit Accumulator

Although I’m not going into matched betting in this post, It’s a way to exploit the bonuses given by bookmakers and casinos. These bonuses are given freely, in the vain attempt that you’ll continue betting long after the bonus. It’s cheap marketing.

Most sign up offers can be used with any sport, so the lack of usual sports currently, make this an ideal time to get started. Many new members of Profit Accumulator make between £500-£1000 risk free and tax free in their first month, with a little effort.

It’s really easy to do, and there are videos showing you exactly what to do. You can even start for free and make a profit before deciding to join or not. Take a look HERE.

What I’m Doing

From a betting perspective, my betting is quite boring. It’s mainly horses for me, as well as a little matched betting with Profit Accumulator. I’m quite content keeping my betting bank safe, until things get back to normal.

If you’re content with betting on the remaining sports events, then crack on. If not, even if you know about matched betting, Profit Accumulator have some superb risk free Casino offers. These could easily be worth a few grand. It’s worth a look!

I’ve no idea how long It’ll take for things to get a little more normal, until then, It’s best to keep safe as well as busy. Working on new betting system is a great interest of mine, and this downtime won’t be wasted.

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