Can Lay Betting Be Profitable

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What Is Lay betting

Lay betting, if you didn’t know, is basically playing the bookmaker. You take on the liability of that particular selection, set it’s odds, and if it wins, you’re exposed to pay out the liability. If it loses, you keep the stake as your profit.

For example:

You Lay a team at odds of 3.45 to a £10 stake.

If it loses the you keep the £10 stake as your winnings, minus the exchange’s commission.

If it wins you pay out 3.45 x 10 -10 (stake). In this case you pay out £24.50 as your liability.

The image above shows that we’ll make a profit if the game draws or Belshina Bobruisk wins. And we lose £24.50 should Gorodeya go on to win.

Why Lay?

People lay bets for a variety of reasons, for the same reason we all have different strategies. In fact laying can be advantageous on its own. Take the football example above. Although we believe that Gordeya will lose the match. Take a look at the draw… Yes we’re covered on the draw too.

Out of three possible results, win lose or draw, laying a football match allows us to profit on two of the outcomes. With good match selection, this could prove a profitable edge long term just on its own. Now I know nothing about football, but plenty of you reading this do.

Laying is also an integral part of trading on the exchanges, and that’s really where the markets and liquidity are made. The idea is that your lay liability is less than you back bet win amount. This either gives you a free bet or a guaranteed green profit, depending on how you stake each bet.

I enjoy trading, and we’ll be coming onto that in a later post.


There are numerous ways to lay on the exchanges, each with their pro’s and cons. The key though, is to find a method or strategy that profits consistently over the long term. As far as I can recall, there’s probably only one system that’s stood the test of time that I’m aware of.

It’s a low liability betting method that capitalizes on poor performing favorites. I had this for a number of years now, and it performs pretty well. Again, this style of betting is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s proven to be profitable long term. I may do a review in time but you can read more by clicking the link below.

Buy Little Acorns

Another popular laying method was by using a lay ladder calculator. What you’d do, is keep laying bets until you had a winner. The strategy was based on loss recovery, and with the extra liability on lay bets, the recovery amounts could quickly get out of hand.

A far safer way is to use the Little Acorns method, which keeps the liability to a minimum and preserves and builds your bank safely.

For those of you that like to find your own bets, I’ve had pretty good success with False Favourites from accredited Betfair Trainer Jonathan Burgess. You can take a look at the product by Clicking Here. I’ve not seen such good value, for quite a while with an actual betting system. It’s certainly worth a look if laying is of interest to you.


With the right strategy, laying can of course be profitable over the long term. Some strategies are best suited to software use though, such as lay the field. As with any other type of betting method, there are many get rich quick merchants. Unfortunately these will try and part you from your money.

Remember, there are lay tipsters, lay software and lay systems. Please research them thoroughly before parting with your money. Rest assured, this site will only recommend those methods that are tried and tested.

If you have a good method, why not leave a comment below and we’ll take a look or review it accordingly.

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