Dr Slicer’s Guaranteed Betting Method

Despite this method keeping the forums alive for the last ten years, only recently, did I stumble across Dr Slicer’s Guaranteed Betting Method.

Posting on the Betfair community forum, the mysterious Dr Slicer claimed to have unearthed the Holy Grail of betting. That being, a guaranteed profit of 9-12% on every football match he chose to bet on. The Dr claimed to having never lost a bet, by using his no-lose method.

In order to add fervor to the forum, he added part of the method for all to see.

  1. 2 Bets are placed prior to kick off.
  2. The first bet lays 0-0 in the first half.
  3. The second bet will lose if the first wins.
  4. If the first bet loses, then a third bet is made, and maybe an adjustment of the second bet.

Having read many of the forum posts, I can see how this teaser has driven people to utter despair. In fact most have given the riddle up as impossible. The truth, is far more interesting!

Getting The Method

Having asked around and done a little digging, I uncovered a copy of the method. In fact, It seems to have had a little bit of a revival of late, as another vendor has been selling it. Quite successfully by all accounts.

When you consider that Dr Slicer never fully revealed the method publicly, It was just a matter of time before some, really smart people, managed to work the method out. One of these guys, then went on to release 200 copies of the method, for quite a fee.

When I received my copy, it came with a Pdf e-book manual, along with an accompanying excel based spreadsheet calculator. Despite the apparent simplicity, the mathematics are quite complex. Fortunately, the calculator does all the hard work for us.

Does It Work?

The method isn’t like any other betting system. In some ways, it’s quite reminiscent of the Tony Langley Football Hedging style of trading, but simpler. In nature, It appeals to me as it’s quite mechanical. There’s no second guessing what to do next.

It took me a little while to get my head around the process, and my first ten bets all won before half time. That’s the ideal solution for us, its a quick in and out and pocket the profits.

Should we not get a goal in the first half, there are further bets to make during half time. This allows us to capitalize on the second bet that was made before the match started. It sounds complex, but it’s straightforward after a little practice.

The answer you’re looking for, is that yes, this method works very nicely, provided you stick to the instructions.

Where Do I Get It?

Just last week, this method was being marketed quite heavily by a UK based betting vendor. As of today when I checked, he’s no longer selling it. It’s quite a good thing that limited numbers sell, as it protects the odds for the rest of us.

To the best of my knowledge, this is no longer being sold. If you desperately want to get in on the action, then contact me, and I’ll see if I can help you out. No promises though, as we need to protect our own incomes too.


I still can’t believe I missed out on this method for ten years. If you’re interested, you can search for the story online. Have a look, and read the posts on the forums. It’s really fascinating to read. Despite some posters claiming the method doesn’t exist, it certainly does. Quite rightly, those that know of it, are quietly beavering away with it.

Obviously, I cannot give the secrets away on here. You may even be able to work it out for yourself, although it seems to have stumped most who’ve tried to break the code.

You cannot blindly back any match, there are some pieces of simple research to consider first, and this research will become useful, should you need to make bet 3.

I like anything challenging, when it comes to betting and trading, and this really ticks those boxes. Do I think it’s the finished article, probably not, and there may be room for further improvement. I shall continue looking for improvements to increase yield and profits. I can see why this is nicknamed the Holy Grail though…

Why not let me know of your experiences of using the system (if you have it). Pop a comment down below.

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