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I promised I’d get a review of Dutch Your Bets by Pro Gambling Products done for you. As you know, I am, and have been a keen Dutch betting fan for many years now. It’s products such as this, that make life so much easier, and betting in general, more profitable and fun.

The mathematics of dutching are said to have been devised by Arthur Flegenheimer allegedly Al Capone’s accountant, back in the 20’s and 30’s. I’ve tried the mathematics for myself, and still have no idea how he worked out his stakes manually. Thank goodness for technology…

What’s Included

If you don’t already know, the Dutch Your Bets calculator is a downloadable product that’s compatible with Windows based computers. I’m sure Parallels could be used with Apple products though, so fear not.

My link worked immediately and there’s an authentification process, that needs to be followed in order to install the software. Despite stating this could take up to 24 hours, my software was ready to use just minutes later. If you follow the install procedure to the letter, you’ll get an icon placed on your home screen for easy reference.

I recommend downloading the calculator to the computer that you use for betting, as for the ridiculously small fee, you get to install it on one device. You can always purchase multiple copies for all of your devices. Just to let you know, I’ve lost various products from laptops that have died on me in the past, and Ken at Pro Gambling Products, has always provided me with a new download without any trouble. He’s one of the good guys!

For those new to dutching, the download has a really useful Help section, which explains a little about the history as well as the versatility of this unique download. But It’s easy enough to get to grips with.


Here’s a view of the software in action.

You’ll see that you can enter up to 10 selections, which allows enough options for most users. Although in the screenshot, you see the date, venue and contestant fields filled in, you don’t have to type all that in for the calculator to work. I’d never have time to type that lot in during betting, so I just fill in the important bit, the odds. These can be fractional or decimal by selecting the appropriate radio button.

The Profit Target section is exactly what you’d like to win, if one of your selections wins the race. You can alter this figure to whatever you wish, as well as having different targets for different runners if you wish.

As you can see above, the total stake is £61.14 to keep all of those selections. If that’s too expensive, you can uncheck any of your selections on the left hand side and remove them. If you remove a runner, the figures disappear from the calculator in order to remind you to press the “Calculate Bets” button again, to get the revised stakes.

The Same Race With 1 Selection Removed

The previous bet with Rotherwick running had a total stake of £61.14. By unchecking and removing Rotherwick, we can reduce the total stake to just £31.84. This still gives us a four horse margin of error but reduces the total book percentage to 45% from 55%.

Here’s My Favorite Feature

There’s a second way of dealing with the expense of a Dutch Bet. This is the feature that makes Dutch Your Bets a no-brainer when it comes to purchasing. It’s a feature that I’ve not seen on any other dutching calculator, and takes a lot of risk away from your bets.


Let’s suppose that you really want to keep all of your selections intact. However, you need to reduce your total risk or reduce your stake amount. In this case all we need to do is to reduce the “Profit Target” on the selections you’re less sure of. In the example below, the target has been reduced to zero on both Resonant and Rotherwick.

What this means in real terms, is that we like the look of Keble, Gibeon and Cymro, but we’re not so sure of the horses Resonant or Rotherwick. Saying that, we’re still insured should either Resonant or Rotherwick win the race.

Of course we won’t win any money, as the Profit box for both runners is reduced to zero. The main thing though, Is that we don’t lose any money either. If either of the other 3 selections win, then we win our £50 target as outlined in the Profit Target box.

Being risk averse, I think this is a brilliant feature. It allows you to cover most of the field, and in most cases insure you if you don’t win on your chosen key selections.

I’ve not seen this feature on any other calculator, including the exchange software. It’s a brilliant yet under utilized feature by many bettors. It also demonstrates what a flexible and powerful piece of software Dutch Your Bets has proven to be.

What Else

This is the part where I fell foul of the Instructions. I’ve got to be honest here, and say I had a minor issue trying to save my bets. What I’d failed to do is to use the exact format that was shown on the calculator. In the box for the race time, I had added 2.00 instead of the correct format which should be 2:00. This is no fault of the software at all, It’s me not following directions. I’ve included it here though, so you don’t make the same mistake as I did.

A quick email to Ken got me back on track quickly, and It’s reassuring that such help is just an email away. Anyway, the saved files are kept together in a file called Dutch Your Bets for easy reference. You can refer back to these whenever you wish.

Conclusion – Is It Worth The Money?

Without a shadow of a doubt, for the bargain price that Ken’s selling this for, £26 at last glance, this is the Number 1 Tool for any dutch bettors that want long term profits. There are no subscriptions or the like, It’s a one off price for lifelong access.

Considering the flexibility of the Dutch Your Bets, I’m sure it’ll appeal to professionals across numerous sports events. You can use it with traditional bookmakers or the exchanges for added versatility.

It’s really easy to use, and Ken’s help is available freely, although I’m sure you won’t need it.

Dutch Your Bets comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and is available HERE.

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