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Have your tried using a Dutching Calculator as part of your arsenal against the bookmakers or the exchanges yet? If not, lets take a look at whether this little used resource, could get your betting results back in the black.

For those of you that don’t know, dutching relies on betting on more than one selection in a race, with a view to winning a fixed (yet reduced) amount of money, provided that one of your selections win.

Obviously there are ways of skewing the profits towards your favored selections, and the sheer variety of good software around now, makes this an enviable proposition.

My Early Dutching Experience

In the early days of Betfair, I got my first exposure to Dutch betting. I believe back then I responded to an advert in the Exchange and Mart magazine. This has long since gone to the wall, but the advert had a website address.

For those that may remember, the website was called “Won Again”. You paid a subscription, if I remember correctly, it was really inexpensive. Each day you’d visit the website, and there’d be a list of the suitable races along with 2-5 horse selections in each.

There was a calculator incorporated into the site and you’d go through the card calculating your bets then placing them online. I really liked this site, as well as what they had to offer. It made complete sense, and I dare say, many people prospered.

I think the real key that I like with Dutching, is that you really can gain value and put the odds a little more in your favor. Betting on 3, 4 or 5 selections in a race, gives you a far greater margin of error. This is really needed in my case.

What To Dutch

Although many people use Dutching with horse racing, there’s absolutely no reason why the same process can’t be used with other sports events.

Greyhound racing has proven a popular sport with which to us Dutch staking. The generally erratic nature of dog racing, lends itself nicely to a little insurance, which is what Dutching provides.

Football correct score betting also seems to be popular with multi outcome bettors. As you can imagine, it can be incredibly difficult to get the exact score of a match. With Dutching, depending on the odds offered, you could bet on 10 or more different scorelines. As long as you’re realistic, and content with smaller but more regular profits, then you’ll probably enjoy it as much as I, and many others do.

In fact, whilst my mind was wandering off typing this, Golf could be another great contender for this style of betting. In fact, when you put your mind to it, you could dutch most sports, including boxing rounds.

Where To Buy

If you’re like me, and hate wasting money, you’ll have probably scouted through your internet browser looking for a free dutching calculator. Admit it, we’ve all used Google to search for freebies. Unfortunately, you won’t find a decent free multi bet calculator online. I’ve tried already, so don’t waste your time too.

I have used for many years, a superb and flexible downloadable piece of software called Punters Paymaster. When I contacted Ken Millard from Pro Gambling Products, it appears that Punters Paymaster has been superseded.

The latest reincarnation is now called Dutch Your Bets and I’ve done a full review HERE for you. Suffice to say though, Dutch Your Bets is one of the most versatile manual calculators that money can buy.

Ken has also let me review a further Dutching Calculator from his stable, which will really appeal to those of you that like a loss recovery methodology. This product is called Profit Plus and you can read more about it HERE.

For those of you looking for more automation with your dutching, I have personally used Geeks Toy with great success. I have used the Betfair version, and what I really like, is that you can bet below Betfair’s minimum bet of £2. Other than that, I really like the speed at which your bets are fired into the Betfair markets.

This is a great option for those of you that enjoy tinkering with new ideas, and I’ve heard that Gruss software is good for dutching too. It also allows smaller bets. Although, to date, I’ve not tried the Gruss dutching feature personally, so it’d be unfair to comment.

There are of course other vendors, mainly in the exchange software business that offer options for multi betting. Maybe you’ve found a good calculator that you could recommend. If so, please pop a comment down below.

My Preferred Method

As you’ll get to know, if you keep reading this blog, I’m very risk averse. My personal betting methods are all designed to produce little profits but often. It’s just my way, and suits my personality.

Anyway, here are the steps for you to try too if you wish:

  • Choose Non Handicap Races With 10 Runners Or Less
  • Avoid Odds On Or Short Price Favorites
  • Using The Calculator, Add As Many Selections As Possible, From Shortest Price To Highest.
  • For Every £10 Stake Total, I Want A £1 Profit After Commission.
  • You’ll Probably Miss Out 2 or 3 Outsiders.

That’s It! You’ll get a really high strike rate, and when you get a loser (which you will) It’ll take a short while to recover the loss naturally. I personally don’t use loss recovery staking anymore, but I have done. Recovery tends to lend itself to a betting style, where you’re not so leveraged.

Final Thoughts

You’ll have realized that there are many approaches to this style of betting, so it’s best to stick with what suits your personality. Whether you use manual or automated exchange software, you’ll get great results with a solid approach to your selection method.

If you look at Dutching for the longer term, then there’s a greater chance that you’ll make consistent profits, than many other methods. I think that’s why I prefer it, and maybe you should too.

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