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Here’s a neat way of making free cash from cashback sites online. This is just so easy, it’s like taking candy from a baby, and involves absolutely no risk on your behalf.

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, then you’ll probably have heard of cashback sites. These sites advertise various offers from various businesses, and entice you to purchase by giving you a cash bonus. It’s a revenue sharing model, and not all the deals are worthwhile.

For us though, there’s a hidden gem. Bookmakers, casinos and bingo sites all need new players, and they’re prepared to incentivise players with cash. These offers are superb for us, and far more profitable than standard sign up offers.

How’s It Work?

Firstly you’ll need a free account with TOP CASHBACK or QUIDCO or both. These are the largest sites currently, and have the most offers for us to exploit. It takes a minute or two get sign up, and then we can get to the meat of this section.

For transparency, if you sign up using any of our links, we earn a small commission that is used to pay for the site upkeep. It doesn’t cost you a penny though

When you’re into the sites, simply choose the gambling section.

As you can see, Top Cashback currently has 22 Casino Offers. There are also additional Bingo and Bookmaker offers too. As you can see, each casino has a designated cashback value.

We choose an offer, and take a look at the terms to ensure it’s going to be profitable. Here’s the Ladbrokes offer.

All we do is click the Get Cashback Now button that will log your visit and transfer you straight to the Ladbrokes site to join.

The Mathematics

Looking at the offer above, we can see, that if we make a £10 bet, then we’ll get £31.50 as cashback. Sounds good doesn’t it? Actually, it gets better…

The casino’s use an acronym called RTP. That means “return to player”. For slot games, the RTP is usually around 96%. Which means in simple terms, bet your £10 stake on slots, and you should end up with approximately £9.60. The casino keeps a 4% edge in this example.


Stake to Ladbrokes -£10

Return from Ladbrokes £9.60

Cashback £31.50


Even if you lost your whole stake, you’d still end up £21.50 ahead, and that’s just from one offer. Can you see how this could provide a super second income?


Excuse the title of this, the method is a superb money maker. I have to be objective though, and the main drawback to this method, is the time it takes to get your cashback. Sometimes this can be up to 3 months. It’s generally not a problem if you have a large enough bank, or you just do a few offers each week.

It’s very easy to tie up a lot of money whilst you wait for Top Cashback or Quidco to pay up. If you’re aware of it, then it’s not really a drawback.

What’s Stopping You?

This is the simplest and most profitable system I think there is. There’s no risk to your money, and you’re cash positive from your first bet. The offers change constantly too, so there’s always something to go at.

I know some of you may already have betting accounts with some of the advertisers. Not a problem, choose another. I’d imagine there’s probably £500-£1000 of offer value at any one time. That money is better off in your pocket.

As we’ve demonstrated, you can even get started for as little as a £10 stake. There’s no barrier to entry, no software to buy, no form to check and no huge betting bank required. This is the perfect method for beginners. There’s no risk and profits are guaranteed. It’s an ideal way to establish a betting bank.

All the offers work in the same way, and I’m here if you need any help.

Why not give it a go, and let me know how you get on.

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