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What if I told you that you could get free money from casino sites? Is that something that would interest you? Well I’ve been a little quiet recently as I’ve been doing exactly that. With the sheer volume of online casinos bombarding us now, the competition is incredibly fierce.

To keep in business, they need new members with new money. These people are attracted by giving out free bonuses. These bonuses can be played, in order to extract most of the bonus as cash.

How’s It Done?

The easiest way to get started in my opinion is start of with a matched betting service. There are a number of free options available, however these tend to focus on sports betting offers only. The reason I like the casino offers, is that I can fit them around my other commitments.

My favorite site, and the one that really concentrates on casino offers is Profit Accumulator. You can get started for free, and make enough money to pay for your subscription. It’s a winner!

When you sign up, simply go to the long list of offers, and start at the free or low risk offers. These are designed to get you familiar with the process of extracting the bonuses. You may have an offer like:

Deposit £10 and get 25 free spins.

Simply deposit your £10 stake. When you look at your promotional offers section, you’ll find your 25 free spins. You simply go to the casino’s recommended slot, and play your 25 spins. Anything you win from your free spins, can be withdrawn as cash, along with your deposit. It’s a zero risk bet, and there’s loads to get through.

Here’s an example of a few hours worth of offers that I completed last night. You’ll see that there were no bets where I lost money, although not all made money. I know that Profit Accumulator are really keen on casino bonuses, so I highly recommend starting with them.

Expected Value

Expected value is given as a guide to how much profit can be extracted from each offer. Although this is a guide, sometimes you’ll make more money, sometimes less, or none at all. The expected value or EV is the probability weighted average of all possible values. It can also be considered as an anticipated value, and is used in future investment predictions.

Fortunately for us, Profit Accumulator have modelled these simulations for us, so all the tricky mathematics has been taken care of. We just need to follow the simple steps contained for each offer.

What’s The Catch?

Fortunately there isn’t a catch. So many times, things seem too good to be true, but this is one of the exceptions to the rule. Just like the free sports offers, the casinos, if anything need to be more proactive with their offers. This is great for us, as we can just convert these bonuses into real money.

Obviously the casino’s don’t like giving money away, but it’s part of their business model now. They have to entice new customers with exciting offers, which we’re happy to take advantage of. In fact I got one of my casino accounts closed last night, but there’s so many more available to take their place it’s really not an issue.

Don’t worry about being restricted or gubbed. You’ve done nothing wrong. The casinos just don’t like you using these offers, as unless you get hooked on their games, they feel that they’re being treated unfairly.

Despite the fact that they need new gamblers and new money, and despite them offering free bets and free spins or whatever, they hate you obtaining value from them.

Fortunately for us, these offers turn the tables on the usual casino edge. When they don’t like you winning, they’re quite happy to close your account. I love these emails, as it means I’ve chinked their armour. It’s very similar to an article I wrote on Bookmakers refusing your bets.

Just to let you know, the account referred to in the image above was open for around six hours before the casino terminated it. Fortunately the profit was bagged, and onto the next offer.

Things To Be Aware Of

Although casino bonuses are a great way of extracting value, there are some things to be aware of. The main issue being cash flow. Because of the way the offers are constructed, sometimes your money can be tied up in an offer for a week or more. As I write this, I have three offers with another 6 days to go. In fact, It’s just reminded me to complete today’s tasks on each of those offers.

Another factor to consider, is keeping track of where the money is at all times, and when it’s being returned to your bank. Cash flow is the life blood of matched betting and casino bonus hunting. Although Profit Accumulator fulfils most criteria, maybe a diary would be a useful feature. This could prompt you to complete all tasks on time.

If you do tie your cash up, which you will if you start with a small bank (which I recommend), then simply stop completing offers until the money returns to your bank account. Waiting a week at the most, should be reasonable for most. I really like the fact that you can complete casino offers at any time, day or night. It really fits in with my schedule.

I recommend having a bank account just for your casino betting. Keep everything in one place, it makes your transactions easier to track. I also recommend that you follow each offer, strictly to the letter. Casino’s and bookmakers are excellent at distracting people to bet unnecessarily. Don’t fall for their tricks and keep your money in your pocket, not theirs.


I’m a real fan of casino bonuses (if you can’t tell). From my experience so far, I think with a bank of £100, it would be easy to make £100 a week extra, and tax free. Sure, you have to put in a bit of effort, but that’s £5000 a year, doing an hour a day, whenever suits you. That’s a big difference in income for many people.

If you don’t need the income immediately, you can grow your bank, as well as the number of offers you complete simultaneously. More offers, mean more profit.

Now I’m not sure if you could do this full time, like some sports match bettors do, with a Profit Accumulator subscription, you get access to sports and casino offers. I know of people doing £2-3 grand monthly from sports matched bets alone. This could offer a new financial lifeline or new home based career for some.

Either way, it’s an excellent return on time invested. Start up costs can be free, you just need a small bank to get going, even fifty pounds would get you off to a flying start. Take a look at what Profit Accumulator has to offer. I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

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