Half Time Football Cash System Review

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It’s with pleasure, that I’ll be reviewing the Half Time Football Cash System from Chris Williams. Chris is well known throughout betting circles for his range of betting systems, which have stood the test of time. Not many vendors can say that.

For full disclosure, I have previously reviewed another of Chris’s products. This was called Football Money Maker – Method 6, and proved remarkably popular amongst my readers. In fact, It was the highest selling product on that particular website.

What I find refreshing about Chris’s methods, is that they’re hype free. The sales pages are factual, down to earth, and contain real Betfair profit and loss screenshots. Not only does this demonstrate Chris’s integrity, but also shows his methods work.

So What’s It all About?

As the name implies, this betting method concentrates on certain matches at half time. Just to reassure you, you don’t need to know anything about football at all. There’s no form to follow, and even I can do this (and I know nothing about football).

So at half time, we check the scores, and if the matches qualify, we place a back bet on a certain outcome. The selection filters are so simple, but as they say, simple things work the best. There’s no long winded filter system here, you’ll find your matches that qualify in seconds.

If you’re like me, watching ninety minutes of football can be torture. We can use Flashscores to alert us to when a goal is scored. This leaves us free to do other things. We’re also only in each bet or trade for a maximum of forty five minutes. This means we can get more bets on per day.

Chris even goes into trading multiple matches at the same time. I recommend getting to grips with the system first though, and get your first profits in the bank.

What Do I Get?

In the past, I’ve reviewed products that consist of a hundred pages of waffle to get a simple point across. I have a real dislike for those, and this method dispenses with that hassle completely. When you buy, you’ll get instant access to the half time football cash system.

The training, refreshingly, comes in the form of a video. In fact there’s over ninety minutes of video. It’s not long winded though, as the video is in two parts.

  • The first explains the method and how it works.
  • The second shows live examples.

Unlike other vendors, that want to show you the perfect outcome every time, Chris shows when things don’t go to plan. I really like this honesty, as it’s nice to know there’ll be a few ups and downs.

Within just thirty minutes, you’ll understand how this method was devised, as well as the thought process behind it. The simple logic of this method really appeals to me, and the strike rate is in the order of 95%. If you don’t understand anything, Chris has legendary support, and will soon get you on track. I doubt you’ll need it though.

Is It Just A Bet?

Here’s where things get interesting. When we make our bets at half time, we can choose to stay in the bet until the end of the match or we can trade out. The latter is usually dependent on what happens during the match. Your own attitude to risk will have a large bearing on your approach. It goes without saying though, that everyone will have slightly different results. Obviously I’m not going to give the method away here though, you can view Chris’s results HERE.

Profits tend to be in the 5-10% profit on stake range. There’s usually plenty of matches daily (I’m writing this during lock down), and you could easily bet 5 matches around your current schedule.

We’ve discussed the strike rate of ninety five percent already, and the staking is a fixed five percent on each bet. You can of course compound your stakes as the bank grows. That’s what I’ll be doing, and I’d recommend you do too.

I’m using Betfair for my review, but you can use any exchange of your choosing, or even a bookmaker that offers cash out. On the subject of cash out, we can use that feature alone with this method. There’s really no need to use any trading software at all.

This method is so simple, that you could even operate it entirely with a smartphone. Things don’t get much more versatile than that. You don’t even need a computer!

Summing Up

The Half Time Football Cash Machine System is one of those lovely methods that provide winner after winner. Steady drips of profit day after day, leaving you in complete control of your risk. Obviously you won’t profit every time, but the video shows these losses in detail. They are very few and far between, and easily offset by winning bets.

Will the system make you rich? Unlikely, and Chris is the first one to highlight this. The method has been designed to help you financially with an extra £100-£500 a month tax free. As always though, It’s recommended to start small and compound your stakes and profits accordingly.

The maths just work with this system, I have added a page where I’ll be recording my results HERE! There’s not much football on currently, but this will pick up shortly, as things get back to normality.

In my opinion, this is a super system and will provide profits for years to come. I recommend you take a look at the results on Chris’s website HERE, and if it’s of interest, get yourself a copy whilst it’s still on sale.

You cannot fail to make a profit if you follow the rules. Leave me a comment with your results from the method. The highest percentage weekly profit wins a prize!


First bet today 20/4/2020 and as can be expected, a profit of £1.03. Not massive but 1 bet and over 1% return. Not bad for starters.

Get yourself over to Chris’s website and check out his results HERE, they’re pretty impressive. My log of results are HERE for your reference. I’m really please with this method and I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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