How To Start A Sports Betting Site

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It’s only when you do an internet search for betting systems or tipsters, that you appreciate just how many services there are in the market place. One thing we should take from that, is that betting is popular.

If you’ve bought a system or subscribed to a tipster, you may have done a mental calculation of their potential income. As a rough figure, let’s assume the service charges fifty pounds a month. If you consider they may have fifty or a hundred members, that instantly equates to £2500 to £5000 each month.

That’s a considerable income, and one that you can operate from home, around your own schedule and commitments. Lets take a look at how to start a sports betting site, easily and inexpensively.

What’s Your Offer

As you’re reading this, you may already have a few ideas of what type of service you wish to offer. Here’s a few ideas that may help:

  • An Information Site Like This
  • A Betting Tipster Site
  • A Betting System You May Wish To Sell
  • A Site That Sells Your Betting Software
  • A Review Site

Once you’ve decided the most appropriate route, then we need to plan out how its all going to come together. Are you going to get a professional to build your site, or will you build your own. If tipping, will you provide your own tips or buy them. Yes, believe it or not, many tipsters buy their tips to sell on.

Lets take a look at your website…

Your Website

It’s important to not fall into the trap, of thinking a website is too complicated for you to build. Modern technology has made the process easier than ever, and if you’re prepared to learn, you could be up and running in just days. You can get free training and a free website from Wealthy Affiliate. The name is a little cheesy, but the training is excellent.

Conversely, you could get a web designer to make your first site. My experience has found the latter to be a more difficult process. It can be very difficult to tell someone exactly what you want. The costs can be quite expensive too. Even a simple site will cost three to five hundred pounds, and take up to four weeks to complete.

If you’re not that familiar with websites, you’ll need hosting and a domain name. The domain name is the name of the website, this one being A domain name can be obtained for around ten pounds a year.

The hosting, is akin to land in the internet. You rent the “land”, and build your site on it. A basic hosting package will cost in the order of five pounds a month. I recommend Ionos, they’re competitively priced and offer a great service.

With a domain and hosting, you’re in business for around £6 a month on average, if you choose your own hosting. If you choose to use the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you get two websites hosted for free. Just add a domain name for a tenner. Don’t worry, it’s very easy if you follow their training.

That brings me onto WordPress. Many websites are built with WordPress, as it allows you to completely customize the way your website looks and acts. You can add many features, such as membership options, mailing lists, payment buttons. WordPress is included with your hosting, so there’s no extra costs. This site is built with WordPress, and you can get your free training on WordPress HERE.

If you decide to get a website built for you, some great places to look are:

  • Ebay
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

I’ve taken both options, and I prefer to build my own sites now. It’s quicker, cheaper and easier to get ranked in the search engine listings.

Taking Payments

If you’re selling your own system or service, then you’ll need to accept payment by some form or other. Again, you have options here:

  • You can sell off your site and keep all money
  • You can offer your product for affiliates to sell

In the first instance, I’d recommend using Paypal for your site. You have the flexibility to add payment buttons to your site, and you get paid directly. If you offer a monthly service, then they offer a monthly subscription for your buyers. Each month, you get their subscription fee, until they cancel or you stop collecting it.

I love the subscription model, as you get paid on autopilot.

You can of course offer your product or service for affiliates to sell on your behalf. The benefits for you, is that affiliates are able to sell your service on your behalf. The downside is that you have to pay them a commission.

Companies like Jv Zoo and Clickbank can facilitate the whole process, and they collect and distribute money for you. Each week, they deposit your money into your bank, and they pay your affiliates on your behalf, deal with any refunds and so on.

If you website is a Review site, then each product you review will have their own affiliate scheme which will pay you when you make a sale. A word of warning her, is that most have a minimum payment threshold, which is usually fifty pounds.

You could of course add Google Adsense adverts on your site. This allows relevant adverts to be displayed on your site. When someone clicks the ad, you receive a payment. You can easily make a few hundred pounds a month from this alone, and Google pay monthly. It all adds up!

Getting People To Your Site

You can have the greatest looking site, but if nobody can find it, you won’t make sales. Depending on budget, then you have the choice of free or paid traffic. If you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how to get free traffic from Google and Bing. This does take a while for results to filter through though.

You can also post of forums and blogs, answering peoples questions and queries. In each reply, you add your website link. Slowly you’ll start to get people to your offer, provided you’re consistent with your activity.

Paid advertising is the fastest route, but avoid Google Adwords. Unfortunately, they don’t accept adverts from gambling related websites. This really leaves us with Facebook Ads. It’s really easy to set up an advertising account, and you can get viewers within hours usually.

You have the ability with Facebook to really focus on your target audience, by age, income, location and so on. I particularly like that you can set a daily budget. Many betting sites use Facebook, and I know a few webmasters that’ve built up six figure businesses, solely through this medium.

Tips To Make More Money

Here’s a tip that nobody talks about, that’ll serve you well. Whenever someone buys off your site, you’ll receive the customers email address. Keep these in a file on your computer.

We know these people like betting, and they’re prepared to spend money. What we do then is send them an email each week or month, promoting other products. These could be your own products, or related affiliate products, for which you’ll receive a commission.

I also recommend building a separate email opt in for your readers. Do this last, as it costs a little money. You’ll need an autoresponder, such as Aweber that will manage your email list for you. You simply offer a free trial or report, in exchange for their email address. Once you load your promotion emails to Aweber, (avoid Mailchimp as they won’t allow gambling emails) these will be delivered to your readers. Some people will buy.

I’d promote the monthly services first, as these provide an ongoing residual income for you. You simply do the work once, yet get paid a royalty income indefinitely. The money drops into your account whilst you’re free to do other things. That’s freedom!

Is This A Goer

In this post we’ve covered your service, website options, payment, marketing and extra money tips. I’ve made it simple, because it really is simple. You just need to plan things correctly.

It’s vitally important to manage your expectations. It’s unlikely that you’ll make say ten grand a month before the six month mark. It’s possible if you spend a lot on traffic, but we also need to work on search engine traffic too.

I’d give any website a good year to reap fruit. Anything worth doing, involves a good foundation. You can then harvest month after month. I think this is as close as you can get to the laptop lifestyle. If you have your laptop and an internet connection, then you’re in business. You could be anywhere in the World.

This business model is also scalable too. If you were to start a second website, you’d make money even faster. The reason being, is that you market the second website, with the email list from the first site. It’s a simple and logical business model.

Do you think you could make a go at this? Why not leave a comment below. If you need any help, just pop me an email and I’ll gladly help.

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