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Having travelled the length and breadth of the country placing bets, It’s quite amazing to see how clever punters can be. Prior to the syndicate, I had all but given up on betting shops as a viable vehicle to make money.

I must admit right now, that I was proven wrong, not once but many times. This post should give you an idea as to how slack bookmakers can be, and how, despite losing thousands each week, they will not ban a certain type of customer. The shops need the cash flow, and encourage this behaviour (albeit through gritted teeth).

I remember the shops area manager, going spare with a shop manager, when I got restricted. Although I didn’t frequent this shop that often, maybe twice a week, as I moved around a lot. This shop lost out on almost £10,000 a week on my turnover alone. Now turnover isn’t profit, obviously, but I didn’t win every week. Makes you wonder…

So what do bookies do to attract fresh blood? They promote offers, that’ll increase cash that goes over the counter. Simple really, but sometimes in their desperation, the head office geeks fail to realize how shops work. This can provide an edge, a very lucrative one.

I’m going to explain in step by step detail how this works. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, day after day. It still works today, and the bookies are a little tied, when it comes to stopping this promotion.

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Here is what these clever punters exploit. What for it…..

Money Back As A Free Bet If Your Horse Finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th and Money Back On All Losers.

How this generally works, is that the bookmaker diverting your attention away from a strong favorite. In order to gain profit, the bookmaker is incentivising punters to back higher priced runners.This allows them to balance the book in their favor somewhat, and pocket mug money.

Here is how to defeat the bookie.

You’ll need a funded exchange account as well as a smart phone with data.

All these guys are doing is hoping to get a place with their selections. They’re all hoping the favourite wins, and the next best runners in the forecast get a place. If they place, the bookie will give them a free (usually) £20 bet voucher (up to the value of your stake, max £20).

Lets say the race looks like this:

  1. Arkle 4/9
  2. Red Rum 3/1
  3. Sea Biscuit 4/1
  4. Anibale Fly 5/1
  5. Shergar 12/1

In this example, they’d bet £20 at best odds guaranteed on horses 2-5.

They then lay these horses immediately for the same £20 liability at as close odds as possible to the bookmaker odds.

Lets assume that the favourite wins as planned. Horse number 2 falls. We have horses 3, 4 and 5 place 2nd, 3rd and 4th. These 3 places produce 3 x £20 free bets, totalling £60.

We’ve lost a couple of pounds in the difference in prices between back and lay prices, lets say £5. We don’t worry about the faller as it’s covered by the lay bet. That leaves us £55 in free bets up. This can sometimes be offset with best odds guaranteed, if the winning horse drifts in price prior to the off.

Why Don’t They Get Banned?

This method is advertised for just a few races each day, and is really designed to cover a single bet not the full range of runners. Because the majority of money goes on the favourite, that price shortens. This leads to the other horses drifting in price, and therefore these punters aren’t getting value. The bookies love that, and therefore don’t ban. The fact that their promotion is being exploited delights the guys at bookie HQ.

Some area and shop managers have tried to limit the quantity of these bets, yet panick when takings are lower as a result. What they say, is to get others to place bets with different handwriting to disguise the bets. I’m not even joking here. I’ve seen ten people place bets on behalf of a single person before.

Why do the staff take the bets? Firstly, shop bookies staff get worked to death for minimum wage usually. Secondly, it’s not their money, and the icing on the cake……Pro Gamblers tip on winning days, to keep everything sweet. Good shop staff can almost double their wages in tips.

Its a great method, all they do is exploit the bookmaker offers to the max, using their own promotions against them. One fella I know just has free bet tickets in his wallet, no cash. He makes between £6-700 a week tax free. I know others too, in fact one of these guys did a similar William Hill offer. He made almost £16,000 in 3 months before head office realised what had happened.

Can You Do It Too?

Yes of course you can. Paddy Power have their offer races highlighted each day. Other bookies run this offer from time to time, but it works best when you get to know the staff. You can start with small bets and build up from there, the key is to just get started.

What if I get banned? try another bookies. I’ve written a post HERE about bans and restrictions. I’ve not seen a shop ban last longer than 2 days with this method though.

The risk is low as you’ve backed and layed the same selections, so really the result is inconsequential. Chances are though that you’ll get a number of places each time you bet using this method. That’s all profit.

The guys I know, use the Ladbrokes exchange, which we all know is Betdaq. What I didn’t realise, was that you can add and withdraw money to your exchange account in a Ladbrokes shop. It’s little tricks like this that can really help when moving your money around.

What do you think? Contact me or leave a comment below please.

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