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Did you realize that you can play slots for free, and win? I didn’t. I knew that casino sites offered free spins in order to attract new players, but this is very different.

In this post, I’m going to show you what I do each day, and put you in a position, where you can get free spins, and make money, for as long as you wish.

Just to show you that this is for real, here’s a screenshot of a withdrawal, for over £120, that was made with a free spin.

I wrote a post previously about how to get free cashback from the bookmakers. This method works directly with the casino sites, and you can get started immediately.

Tell Me More

I stumbled upon this method by accident. I was completing my casino offers on Profit Accumulator and something strange kept happening. You’ll see from the screenshot above, that almost every deposit, was met with a profit.

That’s all well and good, but this article is about free spins…

Yes, that’s correct, in order to obtain your free spins, you need to deposit £10 at each casino. You’ll also need to play through up to £40 of wagering requirements. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend any more money. You just turnover the same money until you reach £40. That’s 200 spins at 20 per spin.

Bet the smallest stakes possible in order keep the variance low. The RTP or return to player on most slots is around 96%. So over time, for every £10 wagered, you should keep £9.60. There are ups and downs called variance, but over time you’ll come out slightly down.

At this point you’ll have already qualified for a “Box Bonanza” game. Three boxes are presented, and you pick one. Inside is an instant cash prize. This prize should offset any small losses from the wagering requirements (if any).

Once you’ve bet, you’re then eligible for free games every day. I thought this was a joke, and never thought I could make real money, until that first £120 profit. I was very wrong, and I’m happy to admit it.

Free Games

Each casino site has around 3 games that you can play for free. This week I’ve chosen “Search For The Phoenix”. You’ll see that I’ve completed Monday and Tuesday. Don’t worry if you can’t log in every day, you can play all games on a Sunday. In fact, it’s much more fun doing this.

You can find the free games in the tab marked FREE, but it should be in your dashboard too. So what do we do next?


It’s probably best if I show you an image of what we need to do, to get our free spins. As I’m writing this, it sounds a bit of a rigmarole, but once you’ve done it once, it takes just minutes each day. I promise you that it’s time well spent too.

Here we go! On the left you’ll see a prize board, with cash prizes and free spins. On the right, you’ll see a 9 by 10 mosaic. Each day, we get to reveal 6 tiles on the mosaic. If you just log in on Sundays, you get to play with 42 tiles in one sitting.

Do you think that you could win some prizes if you can choose 42 tiles out of a total of 90? You should win almost half of the prizes, by probability alone.

If you reveal enough enough of the same tile, then you get the appropriate prize. I’ve won the 50 spins once, but not had a cash prize as yet. I’m sure you’ll do much better though.

Although I’ve only discussed this one site, I’m going to give you access to five sites offering the same promotion. Now you’ve really put the odds in your favor.

What Are the Sites?

The process and layout is the same, for all of the sites. Just follow the deposit and wagering requirements for each. Once you’ve completed your wagering requirements, then you’re free to withdraw your deposit and winnings. You can still play the games for free, and withdraw once your winnings reach ten pounds.

You can of course use your winnings to spend on games, but why would you, when you can play for free?

The maximum prize on any one of the free games is capped at £750. Not bad for free is it? Especially when you can play every day of every week now, for free.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for:

It’ll cost just £50 in total to deposit into each site. If funds don’t allow, just do one at a time. Once you withdraw, then you can do the next one, and so on. If you have kids or grand kids, it makes a great activity, letting them choose your tiles.

Unfortunately kids aren’t daft, and always want a slice if you win. Or is that just my kids?

Summing Up

This is a great little method, and one I’ve proved that works. If you check the dates, that £120 win was just a week ago, and hit my bank account last Friday. I’ll be the first to tell you, that I’m still using this, as I want to beat my last win. Why not if it’s free!

Maybe we could start a leader board for weekly profits, comment below if you’re interested. It could be a lot of fun!

It’s a very low risk method, that provides wins instantly. Try it daily or just on Sundays. It’s your call. If you’d like to try other low risk casino offers, then I highly recommend you try Profit Accumulator. I’ve written a review HERE.

Please let me know how you get on, my fingers are crossed for a big win for you.

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