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Winning the lottery is everyone’s dream, but how realistic an idea is it? Up until recently, I never gave the lottery a second thought, as a viable income stream. Believe it or not though, some people are making it big!

In this post, we’ll be looking at ways to play the lottery, and how to put the odds in your favor. Now I know you’re sceptical, but what if I told you that one guy in America has won seven major lottery prizes.

Whatever your thoughts, lets take a closer look look and see what we’re dealing with.


Back in 1994, the National Lottery was born in the UK. Gambling had been brought from the bookmakers to the masses at home. Now housewives and young adults were having a go (for a pound), hoping to change their fortunes, and of course, some did.

The lottery draw was a large televised event, on a Saturday night at eight o’clock. Homes around the country would tune in, and mostly be left disappointed. Despite the hype and fanfare from Camelot, the operators behind the lottery, the public had realized that It was more difficult to win than expected.

Over the years, Camelot have made numerous changes to the lottery format, in many ways, watering down its popularity. In doing so, it appears that they’d rather keep most of the money for themselves.

Tickets doubled in price overnight, from one to two pounds, and the 49 numbers to select from, has now increased to 59 numbers. Clearly, winning the lottery is a more formidable task than ever.

Why Do People Still Play

When you consider the sheer size of some lottery jackpots, you can understand how winning would change lives forever. It’s an allure that many find romantic, and hard to resist, especially considering the highest National Lottery jackpot was £170,221,000.

Due to the lottery’s constant changes, it’s unlikely that a jackpot will ever reach that lofty figure again. For the average person though, a couple of million is a life changing prospect.

So the cost is two pounds a ticket, and draws are now Wednesday in addition to Saturday. Most players, play every week and keep the same numbers. Just one ticket equals:

  • £4 a week
  • £17.34 a month
  • £208 a year

Considering there’s no skill, for the price of a sandwich each week, its worth the risk for a jackpot win. And that’s exactly what people think like.

The Reality

So when the National Lottery launched, all that time ago. The odds of winning the jackpot were in the region of fourteen million to one. With the changes made in 2015, the odds now stand at just over forty five million to one. It’s little wonder that rollovers are weekly occurrences.

If nobody’s winning, who’s looking after the money, yes, that’s right, good old Camelot. It’s a heads I win, tails you lose game.

When it comes to the lottery, people don’t tend to look at the numbers required to win. They’re more interested in the six numbers required to play.

So How Can You Win Then

The first thing to consider, is not using the National Lottery at all. The best odds are firmly with the Irish Lottery. With just 47 numbers in play, the odds are a little less then eleven million to one. Tickets are 2 Euros to play.

The jackpot is a guaranteed two million Euros, and this can roll up to almost nineteen million Euros as a maximum cap. Already the odds are four times more in your favor, than with the National Lottery.

Lottery Maximizer

If you want to beat the lottery, you’ll need a plan, and I know just the gentleman that can help you formulate a winning plan. It works, as he’s won no less than seven major lottery prizes.

Introducing Richard Lustig

I have added a picture of Richard, so you’ll have an idea what he looks like. Make no mistake, he really has the midas touch.

Recently he was interviewed for the television show, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” as nobody has had as many major lottery wins before.

Richard has honed his winner finding method into an exact science. In fact, he’s made his lottery winning software available to the general public for the first time. Richard calls it"Lottery” class=”aioseop-link”>HERE. If you want to win the lottery (and why play if you don’t) then why not follow the method of a successful lottery winner.

I’m not going to spill the beans here, as to how the method works, but you’ll love it! The small cost is easily recovered with just the smallest of wins. What if you win a big prize? Whether you live in Spain, the Uk, America or wherever, the software has been designed for your native lottery games. It works anywhere!



Despite the odds of winning the lottery being against you, clearly, some are winning on a regular basis. If you wish to join them, and after all, you only need one good win, then take a look at Lottery Maximizer.

Test out Richards software and methods at his risk. If you don’t love it, there’s a full money back guarantee, But what if? What if this will work for you, as it has countless others…

When you win, please leave a comment below, to help other readers.

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