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It’s been a while coming, so here’s my Profit Accumulator Review. I’ve held off on this, as I needed the time to give it the credit it duly deserves. Whilst sport is currently a little slow, lets get on with the review.

For disclosure, I’ve used Profit Accumulator on and off ever since it started. I have also tried the other matched betting services, and without a doubt, for a paid service, Profit Accumulator stands head and shoulders above the rest. And I don’t say that lightly!

Just recently, an alternative paid matched betting service called Oddsmonkey, was exposed for copying the offers that Profit Accumulator had posted on its members area. Not only that, but they even copied the images (which were seeded with Profit Accumulator logos) making it pretty difficult for them to deny.

Whatever your thoughts, It demonstrates that Profit Accumulator are the originators of many of the newest offers. If you’re serious about making money, you’ll need the most offers as quickly as they’re available.

Initial Thoughts

The guys at Profit Accumulator were kind enough to allow me to review the service. They also answered some probing questions both openly and honestly, which I like and respect.

So upon logging in, you get straight to the dashboard.

Now since I last used the service, it’s obvious that that things have been tidied up, made easier to navigate, and it appears that more content has been added. That’s great news.

New members are recommended to start at the “start here” section. This section contains five simple tutorials, don’t worry, they’re designed for complete newbies, and each has a walk through video. You’ll make £40 (at the time of writing), just in this introduction. That will easily pay two months platinum subscription, if you decide to stay.

Moving onto the next section, called sign up offers, all you do is follow the same steps that you used in the introduction. Currently, there are seventy nine sign up offers, and after a quick tot up, these are worth £1083. That’s just for the sports offers. You could complete these offers easily, in a couple of weeks.

I’ve Done Sign Up Offers, What Now?

I know when matched betting first started, most bettors did the sign up offers and that was it. If you’ve opened and completed the seventy nine sign up offers above, then you’ll have already been contacted with other offers.

These offers are called Reload bonuses, and are an attempt by the bookies to claw some money back. Obviously the mathematics of matched betting puts the odds firmly in our favor.

Currently there are 122 reload offers, which should add a further £247 to the profits pot. And as these offers are constantly changing, there’s always something to make a profit on. I get at least ten offers a day from bookmakers and casinos with offers. Some are good, some not so, but they need a constant stream of money to survive in business, and you can provide it.

So you’ve got reload offers now to complete, but also keep checking on the new bookmakers that come online with their offers. The odds matcher facility enables you to easily find events, where the back and lay odds are very similar. Meaning you make more profit in the long run, and extract every penny of value from each particular offer. This used to take hours, manually.

There’s Plenty More To Go At!

Well, we’ve hardly scratched the surface, there’s loads more profit making opportunities to come.

We have the Each Way Catcher and the Extra Place Catcher to consider. These both offer the best each way and extra place bet opportunities in profit order. Yes, all the work has been done for you again. I never realized until a few years ago that each way bets could be manipulated in this way. The mathematics are brilliant, and of course there are simple to use calculators included too.


Accumulators are also covered with the Acca Catcher facility. This lists the most profitable accumulator bets, that you can also exploit for profit. There’s a really useful guide, (in fact there are guides for everything) that explains how acca insurance works, as well as the methods that can be used. It’s down to time and preference really.

Dutching is next on the agenda. You have the ability, to back all outcomes of a two or three way event. With the odds in your favor, you can place back bets covering all eventualities, and still make a profit. That’s truly risk free profit. It’s a very clever bet.

What I like is the facility to track your profits and losses (not all offers will win). Not only is this a great motivator, it enables you to manage monies in each of your accounts. As you can imagine, it’s tricky managing money over seventy odd betting accounts.

Casino Betting

If that wasn’t enough, Profit Accumulator excels with the number of casino offers available. There are 56 current offers, and guess what, you’ll get the reload offers too. Again, these follow the same format, and each offer is described in detail.

What is great about casino offers, is that you can complete them any time of the day or night. Ideal for those that work shifts, or you can do these after your sport bets. Casino bets differ from sports bets, as you’ll lose a lot more bets. The bets use Expected Value in order to aim for a long term edge. This can vary considerably with Variance. Variance is an indication of the length of wins to losses.

The more offers you attempt, the more natural the profit curve will be. The numbers all average out over time. It can be hard when you start though, and you don’t win as you expected.

I’ve added a screenshot below of my early casino progress.

As you can see, they’re not all winning bets, but the trend is profitable. It’s a great addition to sports bets. One Profit Accumulator member won over half a million pounds with a single twenty pence slot spin. So it just shows what could be achieved.

Even if you don’t win a huge prize, there’s hundreds of pounds to be made in just sign up offers alone, let alone reloads!

Is It Really Any Good?

Hopefully you can already see the value of what’s contained within the Platinum Membership. There’s really no shortage of offers. In fact I forgot to mention the Offers Calendar. This is a list of offers that are available to complete on any chosen day. Having just checked, there are forty offers for tomorrow, yes forty!

Having also checked, there are twenty one different calculators included too. These cover all of the various bet types that you’ll come across as your experience with matched betting grows.

So in answer to the question, is it any good…..I think the answer is a resounding yes. You can earn up to £45 just by completing the Free Trial. This can be accomplished in an hour easily.

If you like the free trial, then you’ll have self financed your first months subscription to the Platinum Membership. This is where you can really start to make life, a little more comfortable financially.

This may be a few hundred pounds to pay for your car finance, or help with the credit card bills. On the other scale though, some people make very good full time incomes from matched betting. On that note, as a general rule of thumb. If you work on matched betting for an hour a day, you should make an extra £350 a month, and this is all tax free.

What I like about betting in this manner, is that you can work wherever and whenever. Most mobile phones can support the activities of matched betting, and if you’re reading this, your device will be able to matched bet too.

Is Profit Accumulator For You?

If you’re reading still, you’ll want to know how much the service is. Well it’s £17.99 a month or you can get a full years access for £150. Is it worth that much money to be able to earn an extra grand a month? Only you can answer that. Profit Accumulator has members that have earned £50k, £100k and some have even achieved £200k. Is that a decent return on £17.99 a month? YOU BET!

Should you decide to join, you’ll get access to probably the most active forum I’ve seen. You’ll have access to these people for any help and advice you need. The support staff are also always available seven days a week, to help and advise.

What is refreshing, is that matched betting is becoming popular with people from all walks of life.Busy mums, students, people out of work or between jobs are all able to matched bet. The simple instructions and video guides, make it easy for anyone to succeed.

If you’re looking for an extra income, then I cannot recommend Profit Accumulator highly enough. Provided you follow the instructions, you’ll make money. Put in a little more effort, then two or 3 grand monthly is available for the taking. It’s down to you!

Why not try the FREE TRIAL and make some free money. If you’d like to see some member testimonials, then you can take a look HERE. If you need any help from me you can contact me by clicking HERE.

Let me know of your experiences with Profit Accumulator by leaving a comment below.

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