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I thought I’d complete the Profit Pulling Secrets Review for you today. The guide is a nice easy read and is authored by Chris Clifford.

It appears that Chris has been using this very same method himself, for a number of years. The claim of an easy £50 – £100 a day is certainly an attention grabber. That’s the equivalent of £15 – £30k per year. Not bad!

This will appeal to anyone that needs an extra income, and has a little time each day, in order to achieve this. Late nights are best for me.

Tell Me More

Chris’s system comes as an instant e-book download. You can access a copy twenty four hours a day. The system is easy to learn, and the book consists of 35 pages (with examples) and includes 2 different methods for Betfair Games.

Currently, there’s little live sport on, so this may just fill the gap. Betfair games run twenty four hours a day, every day. You can make your bets at any time to fit in with your other commitments. The author recommends using the systems just once or twice daily and for no longer than two hours maximum, on each sitting.

What I do like, is that the author recommends paper trading the systems for at least two weeks. Not only does this allow mistakes to happen without risk. It also gives the user sufficient opportunity to prove it works, before actually placing a bet.

The methods aren’t difficult to understand, but it’s a sensible approach. Doing anything new requires a certain level of familiarity, and paper trading resolves this nicely.

What Games

The two methods included in the manual, concentrate on Blackjack and Baccarat. Ironically, these two games have the smallest house edge in a casino.

With Betfair, there is no house edge, as instead of a house, you simply bet against others with an opposing view to yours. It’s peer to peer betting at its greatest. Betfair don’t care if you win or lose, they get paid a small commission on winning bets. They will also never close wining accounts.

Each game takes around 5 minutes on average, as there are a number of rounds to fulfil.

How’s It Work?

Both the Blackjack and Baccarat systems work in a similar way. We bet on a certain outcome (I’m not telling you which though) and hope that result goes our way. If it doesn’t, there’s a modest recovery staking plan that is integral to the system. The plan totals twenty five points, therefore a bank of at least twenty five points is required.

The idea is to bet until you get or winner or hit the the twenty five point limit. Whichever comes first.

I have to admit here, that I’m not a great fan of recovery based methods. Despite the safest staking methods outlined in the manual, I experienced losing runs of eight and nine consecutive losses. Whether this was just bad luck, I’m not sure. The guide does say it happens occasionally though.

The guide provides examples of £2 starting stakes, but the minimum bet on Betfair games is just £1. This lower amount is an ideal starting point, once you’ve paper traded.

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Final Thoughts

I’ve no reason to doubt the claims of the author, and I’m sure that profit could be made. I would however extend the sequence a little at the beginning. Hopefully this will address the quantity of losing runs. It would however take longer to complete a betting sequence though. But profits a profit.

One thing you must be aware of though, is the fact that it’s quite a mundane system to operate. Not that betting should be exciting, but this is best suited to shorter length sessions. This allows you to concentrate fully, as you do have to move quickly to place your bets.

If you follow the guide fully, and implement a safer betting sequence (you’ll see exactly how in the manual) I reckon you could make a consistent profit over the longer term with Profit Pulling Secrets.

You can try it out risk free, as It comes with a full 60 days refund. If you follow my advice, I doubt you’ll need it though. It should provide a steady stream of extra income for you, and that’s exactly what we’re after.

You can check out Chris’s website HERE

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  1. Steve

    When you say 8 or 9 consecutive losses do you mean losing the 25 point bank 8 or 9 times over?


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