Recovery Staking Plans – Risky?

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If you’ve been betting for a little while, you’ll have come across recovery staking plans, I’ve no doubt. Around twenty years ago, the market was awash with vendors selling loss recovery software programs.

These were applications that were downloaded onto your computer, and were used to record and work out stakes on a series of bets. There were quite a few for sale at that time, one of the most popular was Cashmaster. If I recall correctly, this was marketed initially on Ebay by Graham Laurie.

The basis of most loss recovery plans is the Martingale recovery method. In most forms, this results in doubling your stake after each loser. The hope is that when a winner does come, all lost stakes are recovered, along with a small target profit.

The software did refine the staking a little more, and the general advice was to continue backing favorites until your winners were found. Sounds great in theory doesn’t it?

The Truth Hurts

The reason that many of these software applications are no longer available, is that many punters lost a fortune. The mathematics work great provided that you can find a steady supply of winners. I did see a period of two racing days where over thirty races ran, without a favorite winning. Now that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Many purchasers failed to understand the repercussions of staking in this manner, and how stakes could rapidly get out of hand. A few losing bets, and the amounts required to provide a full recovery grow exponentially. Without a proportional bank, It’s only a matter of time until you blow the bank. It’s mathematical fact.

Unfortunately there are still a few vendors that prey on the vulnerable and still sell such methods. I guess that’s peoples insecurity for a quick financial solution. It usually leaves them worse off.

The statistics get even worse. When you look at loss recovery for Dutch bets or Lay bets, then you’ve not just got a stake to recover, but the liabilities too. Due to the extra leverage, just a handful of bets would blow a bank. Loss recovery really has to be understood before attempting.

Why Attempt Loss Recovery?

I think that we all have a certain amount of hard wired programming within us. By that , I mean that when we look at a pursuit such as betting, we want predictable returns, in the form of wages. When we do the work, but don’t get paid, it seems there’s an innate hunger to get the money back by any means. After all, who works for free?

This is why loss recovery is popular but also misunderstood. Even now I see high priced betting services touting loss recovery to their members. The funny thing is that they sell their selections, which are generally all odds on shots. When you recover losses on odds on shots, It gets scary very quickly. Don’t fall for such rubbish, there are better ways.

I’m sure you realize that I’m no great fan of loss recovery. By writing this post, I hope I can steer you away, or at least offer a more realistic and sustainable way to make long term profits. The key is not blowing your bank, have a good selection method and stake conservatively and proportionately.


Understand how you bet. What I mean is, do you record your bets in order to analyze how you’re doing? Most of us don’t in all fairness. It makes it nigh on impossible though, to tweak our performance and returns.

One solution I’ve come across is The Staking Machine. This cool application can be downloaded to your computer or you can access a cloud based solution. There’s a free option to try, but It’s a little limited. The full version is far better, and includes 40 different staking plans. There’s something to suit everyone here.

The key object is that you record your bets. By doing so, you can test which staking method produces the best returns for your own style of betting. I like that you can track your bets and analyze your results. This gives the user a much clearer idea of what’s happening.

For less than the price of a meal for two, The Staking Machine has the ability to truly transform your betting. It allows you to be objective, as the facts of your performance are laid bare before your eyes.

It doesn’t matter if you back horses, lay them or even enjoy each way betting, this software has the lot. Even if you don’t choose to use any of the staking methods, It’s worth the money just to record your bets and your performance.

There are of course other solutions, but having scoured the market, I firmly believe this offers the best value for money, and although this isn’t a review, I think it will improve your betting.


Here, I’m going to play Devils Advocate for a moment. Most professional punters rely on level stakes betting. If a system makes money at level stakes, then there’s no need for loss recovery. What is a concern though, is when vendors sell methods that don’t make level stakes profit.

What these vendors do, is bolt on a loss recovery staking method, in order to try and make a loss making selection method profitable. The other thing to keep an eye out for is the back fitting of results. This is where a vendor will produce a set of results that his method made a profit with. Usually, these circumstances can never be replicated with real betting.

If you wish to take a closer look at the Staking Machine, you can take a look HERE!

Unless you’re organized, It can be really difficult to profit consistently from betting. Those that make it pay, have got their methods down to a distinct set of rules. The rise and repeat each day, knowing that a bad day, week, month is just a small sample size. Look at the longer term, for true success. Don’t get tempted to use a Martingale recovery though. I’ve never heard of anyone using Martingale recovery that’s not blown at least one bank.

Let me know of your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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