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In this post, I’d like to look at “Stress Free Betfair Trading”. Now I realize that this may sound like a contradiction, but my simple method is surprisingly relaxed.

If you look on Youtube or if you’ve purchased a sports trading system, then you’ll realize how fast the markets move. When just starting out, it’s incredibly daunting, and mistakes are very easy to make. Most new traders, in their eagerness to profit, fail to understand the simple triggers that move markets. This usually ends in blowing their first betting banks.

Most profitable traders have blown at least one bank. I think it’s a requirement, in order to understand the process. When you look at this simple method, you’ll see that my relaxed method is a reversed view.

The Trading System

Rather than focussing on the shorter priced runners in a race to trade. This simple method looks at selections between the prices 10.0 and 20.0. We look at non-handicap races, usually with a strong favorite.

The principle behind the method is based on weight of money. It’s easy to understand if you think of a children’s see saw. As the amount of money on the favorite increases, the see saw pushes down under the weight. The key for us, is that the other end of the see saw rises, and that signifies prices drifting on the rest of the field.

Once we’ve found our selection, we lay it on the exchanges, ten minutes before the off. You’ll see that in the video below, I’ve used Bet Angel Basic, this is free to use, and ideal for this method.

System Video

Hopefully you’ll see that this is a simpler, easier to predict method of trading. You only need a small bank of around £100 to get started, and although you won’t make as much as trading favorites, you’ll gain valuable experience. In time, and with practice, you can trade the heads of the market, minimizing the rookie errors of most newbies.

Although the trades in the video don’t show a loss, you will get some small losses along the way. Everybody makes small losses, It’s an inevitable part of Betfair trading. As long as you lose less than you gain, you’ll be able to trade another day.

Why Betfair?

I use Betfair, but I only stake relatively small. This method lacks liquidity at the prices we’re trading at. You could of course use Smarkets or Betdaq, but you may to close the trades manually. The software makes trading far easier, which is why I recommend Betfair and Bet Angel Basic. You can of course use the subscription software if you wish, for this method it’s really not required though.


What I do like is that with trading, your money is always in one place, and not spread across numerous bookmakers. It’s a fast and efficient way of making extra money, and I also like the logic. It makes sense to me.

This method isn’t designed to make you rich, it’s been designed to minimize your losses, make profit, whilst giving you valuable trading experience, in real time. I think that an extra £200 a week could be made with a larger betting bank. Again, not a kings ransom, but that’s the equivalent of a job paying £1000 a month.

That’s a great second or hobby income. When you start trading favorites, you can make a lot more, as you won’t be covering such high liabilities. This ensures that your staking is much higher, and ensures more efficient trading. You will need to be on the ball though.

So why not have a go, you can even paper trade to get some confidence if you wish. This will give you the confidence that the market behavior is exactly like that in the video. If you need an help, feel free to contact me.

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