The Maria Laying System – Legendary

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Back in 2005, a remarkable story began. It has since become a legend, with a few twists and conspiracy theories. What became the “Maria Laying System”, was revealed publicly for all to see.

Considering this all happened fifteen years ago, we’ll start at the beginning. On a popular forum of the time, called Expert Betting Advice (now defunct), a lady by the name of Maria Santonix appeared. Allegedly of Latvian origin, she appeared to not only have excellent English skills, but a thorough knowledge of horse racing.

What happened next has, and still is taking the internet by storm. To give you an idea of what the fuss was about, Maria turned a £3000 betting bank into over £100,000 in just over three hundred days. That’s a remarkable return in anyone’s book.

Daily Posting

I may be showing my age, but I can vouch for Maria’s daily forum postings, as I read them daily. The remarkable point about Maria’s challenge, was that it was done in front of your eyes.

Every morning, she’d post a list of her selections, along with the prices that she’d managed to obtain.In the evening, or sometimes the next day, she’d post the winners and losers, as well as her adjusted bank roll.

Remember, this was a daily, and no doubt relentless chore. The incredible thing was though, that nobody could question anything. Maria had nothing to gain from posting each day. She wasn’t selling her system or obtaining any sponsorship. The fact that the selections were posted before racing each day, made this squeaky clean.

System Or Not

Despite her daily postings, Maria seemed unflappable. She took good and bad days in her stride, realizing that this was a long game. The clever thing, is that she never revealed how she came to her selections. At no point did she reveal what may have been the holy grail of lay betting systems.

I have to admit though, with the following of readers, captivated by her daily results. She could have made a fortune selling the method. I’m sure she realize that, and I’m surprised that she never relented.

So was what she revealed, as system or not. In hindsight I’d say not. What she revealed was a lay betting staking plan. This plan, combined with her consistently high 85% strike rate, ensure the success that we’ve seen.

Staking Plan

The staking plan is no secret, and I’ve popped down below for you to take a look at:

  • Prices below 3.5, Lay to 1% of Bank
  • Prices 3.6 – 7.4, Lay to 0.6% of Bank
  • Prices 7.5 – 11, Lay to 0.4% of Bank

For clarity, the bank was readjusted each evening after racing. The compounding effect was designed to accelerate the increasing level of bank, safely. That’s all there is to the staking plan, it’s really quite simple.

As you can see, the staking plan aims to keep the liability on higher priced selections, under strict control. In racing, if it can go wrong, it usually does.

Selection Method

I recall Maria making a lot of selections each day. On busy racing days there could be up to thirty selections to bet on. It appears that she really understood her numbers. Back checking the results, has revealed that if her strike rate had dropped to 75%, then severe losses would have been encountered.

Although Maria never published her selection method, then any laying method with a strike rate of 85% or above could be utilized. Lay Bet Winners has been getting good reviews recently, and their strike rate would be ideal to use with Maria Staking. Check their results HERE.

You may have your own method that could be used, and I’ve seen forum posts of punters replicating the method using football fixtures. The Worlds your oyster!


I mentioned conspiracies earlier, of which there seem to have been many over the years. One of the first issues, concerns prices. It appears that some of the prices that Maria allegedly obtained from Betfair, were far different from what others were getting. Remember that people were copying her bets due to her success.

Whilst she claimed odds of 3.5, someone else would only be able to get 5.6 for instance. Although this may have just been coincidence, It raises a concern.

The next concern was where Maria went too after the exercise. Why didn’t she just capitalize on her success and sell her tips or the method. It’s at this point that certain individuals were then accused of being Maria. Now I don’t know the truth, but something seems amiss.

The image of her on the forums was of an elegant woman, possibly in the mid to late twenties. Obviously anyone can post any image on a forum. But why would a young woman from Latvia, know so much about British horse racing, write in flawlessly fluent English, and spend her time posting on forums.

I would have thought, that if she really had the claimed success, with real money, then she could adapt that expertise into other areas of betting. Maybe she has, nobody knows, as she went off the scene years ago.


This lady is still an enigma amongst the betting fraternity. The staking method revealed is flawless. In fact, you can get Maria Staking software at the The Staking Machine. It’s the perfect platform with which to track and analyze your bets.

Maria Staking In Action with The Staking Machine

So despite the mystery surrounding Maria Santonix, is the method any good. Although the original experiment did in fact work on paper, there’s no evidence that real money was made. I think the method could work, provided that the strike rate remains high.

Many gamblers will be turned off by the method as it’s a slow burner. Most punters want excitement. That aside though, why not give it a go. You’ve little to lose, and you could make a small fortune in the process.

Either way, why not let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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