The Rise Of Matched Betting

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen the rise of matched betting over the last few years. It’s been the subject of media scrutiny in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Huffington Post and Save The Student. All write ups have been favorable and for once, factual.

It appears that matched betting is appealing to a newer, fresher audience. Students, housewives, single mothers are all joining in droves, along with anyone that can spare a little time, to make a tax free income.

Considering that established matched bettors can earn £1000 plus per month, its easy to see why such growth continues. You can bet when you wish, 24 hours a day, from home or on the move with a tablet, laptop or mobile phone.

Why would you want a cleaning or bar job, when you can earn a grand from home with your feet up? Lets find out a little more…

What Is This Matched Betting Lark?

Bookmakers are businesses, and they need new customers constantly. In order to entice new business, they offer bonuses. You’ve no doubt seen them advertised. Deposit £10 get £30 in free bets.

Now we can take advantage of these new account sign up offers. With the advent of the betting exchanges, we can guarantee a profit, and turn the bonus into cash.

Ordinarily, if you get a bonus, you’re tempted to bet it. The bet may win or it could lose. Matched betting allows us to guarantee a return.

By using our free £30 bet, we can back an event, and lay the same selection, and guarantee a profit. In this case, we’ll make £23 whatever the outcome. And we take no risk.

At any time, there’s usually fifty or more, sign up offers to complete. That’s an easy thousand pounds that could be in your pocket. It really is this simple.

What Happens After The Signup Offers?

In the early days of matched betting, people used the sign up offers and that was the end of matched betting for them. Fortunately though, the bookmakers will offer more bonuses, commonly called reload bonuses. These require you to deposit more money in order to get a free bet. Again we can turn the free bet into cash.

Whatever the value of the free bet, we can usually extract 75% of its value as withdrawable cash. It’s a simple numbers game. The more accounts you have, the more money you’ll make.

Lets see the other ways we can make low risk profits with matched betting:

  • Each Way Arbitrage
  • Casino Offers
  • Accumulator Insurance
  • Extra Place Offers
  • 2 Up offers
  • 2nd Place Offers
  • Daily Offers

There’s no shortage of offers that can be completed on a daily basis. The only restriction is the size of your bank. Most of us start off small and self finance our banks upward. As there’s no risk initially, your betting bank will only increase whilst you learn.

Before you consider this a fad or short term income, just consider that some matched betting services have clubs. These are for the people that really work at matched betting. Profit Accumulator has a 50k , 100k and even a 200k club. Would you like to earn £200,000 tax free from matched betting too?

How Do I Start

Although you can find your own offers, It doesn’t make sense. Sign up to a matched betting service, most offer a free trial. You can make enough profit from the trial, to then self finance your subscription.

Matched betting services scour the bookies daily, searching for offers for their subscribers. This is a massive task, which you benefit from. It’ll save you hours of work, and each service provides instructions and calculators for each type of offer. Some even have video walk throughs too.

You’ll find a variation in pricing, some charge monthly fees whilst others charge annually. I’ve tested most of the services and I’ll be pointing you in the right direction.

The Best Services To Consider

I’ve chosen three services that I think offer the best chances of success.

PROFIT ACCUMULATOR Number 1 Recommendation

This is the service that I first started with and it ticks all the boxes for beginners. Not only do you get video walk throughs of the different bets and offers, there are written instructions too. Being one of the first to market, this service is well established and has a huge collection of success stories from other members.

They have the most offers and there are far more casino offers than the other recommendations. Bearing in mind some members have earned over £200k, they really know what they’re doing. Access to the forum is included with membership, and help and support is readily available.

There’s a free trial, and membership costs £17.99 a month or £150 for the full year.

You can check our Profit Accumulator HERE

PROFIT MAXIMISER Number 2 Recommendation

Operated by matched betting supremo Mike Cruickshank, this was developed as a more expansive product to the popular Bonus Bagging. The tutorials are well explained and followed up with videos for each offer, rendering it ideal for beginners. Again, there are many offers to get stuck into, along with a forum for help and support.

The service is well established, and has been going for a number of years now. Unfortunately, over the last year or so, the support has gone off the boil. I’ve sent Mike a number of emails, that have remained unanswered. For that reason, I place it at number 2.

There’s 14 day trial for £1 or the yearly cost is £97 + VAT.

You can check out Profit Maximiser HERE

PROFIT SQUIRREL Number 3 Recommendation

A relative newcomer to matched betting services, Profit Squirrel is gaining traction as real contender. Although there aren’t as many offers as the other recommendations, this service prides itself on really helping members learn the matched betting process.

The tutorials are clear and simple and the use of video is helpful. There are plenty of testimonials, proving that members are making money too. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive of the three services if paying monthly. For some, the extra hand holding may make the additional cost worthwhile.

There’s a free trial, and membership costs £24.99 a month or £150 for the full year.

You can check out Profit Squirrel HERE

How Much Will You Make?

This is the question we all want to know. The answer is, how much are you prepared to put into matched betting? As a rough guide, if you can devote an hour a day, then you should make in the region of £350-£500 a month, and that’s consistent.

The more experienced bettors can make much more than this though, and some operate on a full time basis. Even with the Corona Virus pandemic, you can still make money with betting. It’s the perfect work from home business.

Work to your own schedule, in fact, the best time for me is when everyone’s in bed, and the house is tranquil. That’s when I get my work done. You don’t have to work to anyone’s schedule other than your own.

My advice is to just have a go. Choose the service that resonates with you, and just get started. There’s thousands of pounds waiting for you to collect. Anyone can learn to do this!


I really like matched betting. It ticks many boxes, and is ideal for anyone wanting extra income. I’m still surprised that most traditional gamblers don’t see it as a viable way to make money. They may have done a couple of offers and gone back to what they know. There’s not many that have really wrung the bookies dry.

Some betting enthusiasts say they don’t want to risk losing their betting accounts. It goes without saying, that if you make money from the bookies, they will eventually restrict you. What’s the point in keeping accounts open just for the sake of it. Take the money and move on to the next.

There are so many betting angles that you can exploit, even without a single bookmaker account left. By the time you get to the stage where you’ve lost all accounts, you’ll be tens of thousands of pounds ahead. Then it’s time to look at the betting exchanges for new angles. Fortunately, they don’t restrict you.

Why not let me know of your matched betting experiences by leaving a comment below.

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