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It’s been announced today, that the lock down will continue for a further three weeks. I’d like to discuss Tipsters and Betting Systems in this post. Fortunately, having a little time has allowed me to add extra blog posts, which I trust you’ll find of benefit to you.

The reason I think it’s important to discuss product vendors, is in order to protect you, my dear readers. As I write almost daily, I correspond with quite a few product sellers. In general, I find that they fall into two categories.

Two Categories

The first are the really well thought out methods. Generally these are written by knowledgeable punters. They share their expertise and are able to help the new purchaser to succeed. Usually these methods rely on value or an unexpected edge and usually stand the test of time.

Tipsters who stand the test of time are very few, although a few spring to mind. I’m not really a fan of tipsters, not for any other reason, than I think you can find your own picks for free. I think that when you use logic and facts, you understand more than just blindly following others tips. Most of which, you usually have to pay for.

In my experience, tipsters who specialize in sports such as golf, rugby, cricket and basketball, seem to do very well.

The second category tend to be marketers. These tend to know little about betting, and will have affiliate schemes so that others can sell the product for them. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s their choice. The problem is when the products have little substance, and zero chance of making money.

This latter group churn out systems by the week, as gamblers are all seeking the holy grail of tax free money makers. The gamblers vulnerability tends to be exploited, as lets face it, most people don’t want to do the work required to stay ahead of the game.


I’ve always loved betting systems, and the ingenuity of how people apply themselves to beating the bookie. I even enjoy the sales pages of many of the vendors, that try and market them. Some are factual sites, stating facts and not having grandiose claims of overnight wealth. The others fall straight into the “get rich quick” category.

As I write this, you’ll appreciate that I reach out to a lot of vendors, in order to provide reviews for this site. Now, you’re not aware of what goes on behind the scenes, but this is where many vendors fall down.

We know that these sellers need to sell their products. Why else would they offer affiliate programs for other website owners to promote? Generally speaking, I always ask for a review copy first, and this is where these vendors run for the hills.

A good review for products, tends to sell many more for the seller. Both parties benefit, usually, and my readers get another tool for their armory. Unfortunately, the people behind many systems for sale, really don’t want them reviewed. They don’t want their scams exposed, as generally the systems are worthless.

As a reviewer, most of my job is to be honest and objective. Take a look at the following:

Hello Darren, are you looking to promote the service as an affiliate? Gav makes each decision on who is allowed review access on an individual basis. Can you let me know how many on your subscriber list firstly, please. I am able to make arrangements for your interview with Gav once I hear back from you. Kindly, Simon

How impartial does that sound? An interview before reviewing a product??? Having implied that this a questionable practice for an objective review, I seem to have upset them. Ultimately this service chose not to be reviewed by this site.

Devious Tricks

I’ve not seen it for a few years now, but there was a vendor about 5 years ago, that brought out a new system every week. The quality of these were very questionable, but as they sold through Clickbank, you got a sixty day refund.

If you bought one of these, you were then bombarded with marketing emails for their next method and so on. You simply couldn’t get off their marketing lists, as they failed to have unsubscribe settings.

In these times, software and systems are usually sent electronically. Once you have the system, you have the intellectual property. It’s at this point, that many sellers won’t honor their refunds, as many use Paypal.

Being impartial, I can see both sides of the story, but I think the key is for vendors to produce quality products, and avoid such hassle. In fact, I have seen many system vendors, when their products fail, then say, use loss recovery staking. This demonstrates the level of advice out there.

There is a marketer based in Surrey that has promoted a number of very high end Betfair trading products. These were sold for between £100-£3000. The firm offer tremendous guarantees, until you wish to apply for one. At this point, the buyer is made to jump through hoops., and are generally given the runaround.

Fortunately many people got refunds through the Small Claims Court, although they were made to sign gagging orders in the process. Be careful what you sign up to.

Final Thoughts

There are some superb betting products available for sale. I’m hoping to add as many as I can on this site, and keep them all in one place. Unfortunately though, there are also vendors trying to separate you from your money.

My advice, is to do your research. Don’t be afraid to ask the vendor all the tricky questions. The response you get, is the acid test. This is their opportunity to demonstrate what their ongoing support will be like. If they blow it at the beginning, rest assured, that you’ll get no back up later on.

I hope you take something from these ramblings of my own thoughts. The phrase “Buyer Beware” should be exercised, especially when things seem too good to be true. Why not leave a comment with your thoughts. It may help to protect others.

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